VETZ is a Sweet Bitter aperitif, with an alcohol percentage of 11%, characterized by a sharp bitter flavor, but with a consistent floral background. The product is a 100% natural solution of alcohol and ten selected botanicals gathered from all around the world; alcohol extracts the active ingredients and the taste properties of botanicals, where the color is given by the hydro-alcoholic maceration of dry spices in alcohol.

Every ingredient contained into this bottle is natural and authentic, like the relationships to which we dedicate our drink and it doesn’t contain any extra colorants or additives; no bullshit in it. It’s produced in Italy, in Turin, the native city of the Italian aperitivo.

Just with the perfect blend of superior botanicals is possible to create a product that aims to be the best, but just by adding pure passion is possible to create something that tries to reach perfection.

100% natural Aperitif produced 

in Italy with superior botanicals.

©2019 by VETZ,

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