It all started while having a little glass before going home during an after work.

From that moment we decided that we wanted to bring the aperitivo state-of-mind globally, starting with the creation of Aperitivo Stockholm.

We have been doing dozens of events related to the aperitivo concept, turning strangers into friends, stressed days from work into lovely evenings and making people connecting again. These moments of happiness and pure joy inspired us to craft the potion you hold in your hands. The name, Vetz, comes indeed from an ancient and happy way to call your buddies in Italian, a tribute to the friendship that we want to share with the world.

Every ingredient contained in this bottle is natural and authentic, like the relationships to which we dedicate our drink.

If you want to check more about Aperitivo Stockholm, you can have more info from the link below!

It all started with an aperitivo


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