VETZ is a Sweet Bitter aperitif, with an alcohol percentage of 11%, characterized by a sharp bitter flavor, but with a consistent floral background. The product is a 100% natural solution of alcohol and ten selected botanicals gathered from all around the world; alcohol extracts the active ingredients and the taste properties of botanicals, where the color is given by the hydro-alcoholic maceration of dry spices in alcohol.


Every ingredient used in this bottle is natural and authentic, like the relationships to which we dedicate our drink. In a society where everything runs at a fast pace, we want to encourage people to unwind and live life appreciating its simplicity in harmony with nature. Honoring our highest source of inspiration, nature, we simply mix botanicals to obtain the most harmonious aperitivo drink.


When you taste Vetz, the quality of its ingredients stands out and refreshes your senses from the very first moment. Years of research and development went into the precious potion you are holding in your hands. You are enjoying the result of an adventure that brought together out passions, our culture and very high qualitative ambitions.


"People in love often become edgy, dangerous. They lose their sense of perspective.” said Charles Bukowski. Along the way, we may have made same mistakes: we took something traditional and with a long cultural heritage such as the Aperitivo, we shook it up, changed it, fell in love with it again, lost any sense of perspective and ignored the critics. Re-inventing culture is a dangerous game. We played it. Like it or not, this is the result. Our result.


Vetz was created by a group of Italian friends that loves Aperitivo and the good life. The word Vetz means “Buddy/friend” in Italian and we want people to enjoy Vetz among friends just like we do! To create new relationships and to care for old ones. That’s why we want our communication to feel friendly, our customers need to feel the friendly Italian vibe all the way. No stress, no musts, no pressure, just you, your friends and a good drink.


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